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Welcome To The Ship Shape Marine of Kentucky Website!

Ship Shape Marine Is A Factory Authorized Raritan Servicing Dealer and Distributor 

I refer to myself as the "Head Doctor" because, I don't just sell Raritan products, I service and support them as well.

Some services I offer are:

Installation of toilets.
Installation of both Type I and Type II Marine Sanitation Systems.
Installation of holding tanks.
Repairs on all Raritan toilets.
Service and repair on Raritan Purasan and Lectra/San sanitation systems.

Got a Type II sanitation system or holding tank odor problem? I can help you out with that as well.

I also offer parts and repairs on U-Line and Raritan icemakers.

My area for service, installation, and repair is all of Kentucky, Southern Indiana, and Northern Tennessee. My services are not limited to this area however, if the client doesn't mind the added expense for travel.

And, no matter where you're located, we will meet or beat anyone's prices on Raritan products or parts.

I am an Accredited Marine Surveyor with many years of experience, especially on all the different makes of houseboats that are manufactured here in Kentucky.

If you are in the market to purchase a boat and are looking for an honest Marine Surveyor that will do a thorough inspection of the boat, give you a complete written report, including lots of photos of the entire boat, (not just one for the cover) please give me a call.

If you are only looking for a Marine Surveyor to do a quick, cheap survey on a boat because your bank or insurance company required it, and really don't care about the safety issues that may be overlooked by it, I'm not the one to call.

My motto is:  "If I can't do it right, I'd rather not do it at all."
The Head Doctor"

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