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Cleaning & Maintenance Chemicals

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  • Emulsifies grease, oil and sludge.
  • Removes slime, dirt, bacteria, fungi and molds.
  • Non-polluting and safe on any surface.


Price  $ 8.63

Eliminates the worst raw odors from toilet bowls. C.P. is the only bowl cleaner that can be combined with K.O.

Price  $ 11.48

Solves holding tank odors by eliminating them at their source. K.O. works when nothing else will.

Price  $ 11.48
K. O. Gallon
Price  $ 44.00
C.H. is specifically designed to remove uric scale from black water systems from the toilet to the tank without having to remove hoses!
Shipping weight 10 lbs. per gallon.
Price  $ 89.75
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